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Publications & events

Want to dive deeper into the details of imec’s hyperspectral imaging technology? Read one of the relevant publications. Or meet us at one of the many (virtual and real-life) events we attend around the globe.

Scientific publications

Are you curious to check the scientific credentials of imec’s hyperspectral technology and what it can achieve? Feel free to browse through a selection of publications from our researchers and from external researchers who have used our camera systems.


  • How on-chip SWIR spectral imaging advances your business
  • Tutorial: how on-chip filter technology enables compact, high-resolution and video-rate hyperspectral cameras
    Learn what makes imec’s technology unique and which applications it enables.
  • Introduction to hyperspectral imaging
    Wouter Charle gives you a crash course into hyperspectral imaging and its business possibilities.
  • High-fidelity spectral radiance and reflectance imaging outside the lab
    Kathleen Vunckx explains how imec’s hyperspectral software contains a data-processing pipeline that enables you to acquire reliable spectral images and videos in all circumstances.
  • 35min to fly a Hyperspectral snapshot drone camera
  • VIS-SWIR low swap-c spectral imaging for remote sensing - introduction and demonstration presented