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Spectral imaging on chip

Imec’s on-chip filter technology makes multispectral and hyperspectral imaging real-time, compact and scalable – from the visible to the SWIR spectrum.

Leverage our know-how and camera evaluation kits to find a tailored solution for your challenge.

High-resolution cameras

Imec’s SNAPSCAN cameras are ideal tools for research inside and outside your lab.

Real-time cameras

Use imec’s SNAPSHOT cameras for real-world applications that require hyperspectral video capabilities.

Surgical imaging white paper



As a safe and easy-to-use technology, hyperspectral imaging benefits patients, medical practitioners and researchers.

Machine vision

Use imec’s real-time hyperspectral cameras to guide robots and keep an eye on your production line and automate unpredictable processes.

Remote sensing

With imec’s compact and light-weight technology, miniaturized satellites will reveal what happens in and on the earth’s surface.


Harvesting hyperspectral data from crops is easier and more affordable than ever thanks to imec’s UAV-compatible snapshot technology.

Art and heritage

Travel back in time by peaking below the surface of artifacts with imec’s high-resolution, compact and user-friendly cameras.


Reveal what was meant to remain hidden. Effortlessly scan a crime scene with imec’s mobile, easy-to-use and fast camera's.

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Surgical microscope with hyperspectral camera

Press release

2 February 2023

A pilot test confirms that spectral imaging can be a way towards intraoperative and label-free detection of intrinsic brain tumors.


Press release

1 February 2023

A single device to assess which spectral resolution and range best suits an application.

Hyperspectral imaging imec

If you're building equipment that requires specific spectral information, a custom hyperspectral sensor can enable you to get a critical differentiator and an edge over competition. In this article, we use three cases to illustrate the power of such a tailored solution.

Alzheimer research imec

Imec’s hyperspectral snapshot camera can detect protein accumulation in the retina of Alzheimer’s patients.

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Start-up Tridimeo makes unique 3D vision solutions for robotic guidance and quality checks, integrating imec hyperspectral sensors. 


Tracking an object for video surveillance, human-computer interaction or robot navigation is very challenging for a computer. Adding hyperspectral information to the video can help.