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Customized sensor or camera

Custom filters

Drive home your market advantage by fully tailoring imec's spectral imaging technology to your application.

There’s no such thing as a universal multispectral or hyperspectral sensor. Even if one of our readily available off-the shelf sensors comes close to your requirements, it always pays off to finetune its specs to your application. For instance by focusing on specific pectral bands, improving the image resolution, shortening the cube acquisition time, ...

What’s more, developing a custom sensor or camera is the best way to protect your IP.

Expert team and advanced infrastructure

At imec, you have a team of more than 15 engineers and PHDs at your disposal for custom development. That includes:

  • base imager selection, via imec’s network of partners
  • filter design with proprietary software
  • system design targeting specific illumination characteristics or optics
  • testing and characterization of spectral sensors and systems
  • process integration to ensure an easy transfer to manufacturing

Watch this movie about imec’s custom development infrastructure and capabilities:

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Proven flow

Even if it’s your first experience with spectral imaging, your customization project is a clearly defined trajectory that takes you through these steps:

  1. requirement analysis (1-3 months)
    • sample analysis when applicable
    • filter design and layout selection
    • image sensor selection
    • recommendations at system level on lighting/optics
    • prototype development planning and budget
  2. filter design (1-3 months)
  3. prototype manufacturing and testing (3-9 months)
  4. industrialization (automatic test set-up and reliability tests if necessary)
  5. volume production

Discuss your challenges with us. Or get a better insight into your technology needs by procuring one of our standard camera evaluation kits to do your tests in-house, or by taking advantage of imec’s sample analysis service.

Contact our business development team.