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High-resolution hyperspectral cameras for research

Want to use hyperspectral imaging to solve your technical challenge? Maximize your chances at success by enjoying the versatility and ease of use of imec’s SNAPSCAN cameras.

As scientists from diverse fields such as mineralogy, life sciences and art history can confirm: looking at the world in spectral detail reveals a wealth of new insights.

If you want to use a hyperspectral imaging for R&D purposes, you need to make sure that your camera:

  • has a high spectral resolution to maximize the potential to distinguish invisible patterns
  • has a high spatial resolution to analyze fine details of small features in a short time
  • is easy to use, both within and outside the lab

The SNAPSCAN VNIR enables robust classification at pixel level of oxide minerals with various colors and different chemical compositions.

Scanning a 7 Mpx image in more than 150 spectral bands is as easy as pointing and clicking. And analyzing it is an intuitive process thanks to the included HSI SNAPSCAN software.

Want to try it yourself? Dowload the software and a reference datacube.

Recolored imaged from the SNAPSCAN hyperspectral imaging VNIR range camera.

Choose your high-resolution hyperspectral camera

Our range of SNAPSCAN cameras covers the visible and infrared spectra. They all come with remote support and the HSI SNAPSCAN software to acquire data, generate high-quality hypercubes and visualize them. Also, the API enables you to automate scans if you need to generate a large database.

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