Discover the potential of hyperspectral imaging
/Discover the potential of hyperspectral imaging

Discover the potential of hyperspectral imaging

We could offer you hundreds of articles, brochures or white papers on the unique assets of imec’s hyperspectral cameras for your material analysis and research. But wouldn’t it be better to learn by experience?

We offer you access to our HSI STUDIO™ software and a reference datacube – taken with imec’s SNAPSCAN VNIR camera – to inspire you on how to use hyperspectral imaging for your own specific application.

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Our SNAPSCAN VNIR camera is a great starting point for your hyperspectral adventure. In your lab, this extra pair of eyes looks at the reflected light of your objects in the visible and near-infrared (VNIR) domain, analyzing the object’s composition in tremendous detail. The camera’s high resolution (both spatial and spectral), user-friendliness and signal-to-noise ratio, are unique. 

Applicable in a broad range of applications:

  • Digital microscopy for pathology, cytogenetics & research
  • Wound healing & diagnostics
  • Medical endoscopy
  • Agriculture 
  • Industrial machine vision
  • Mineral & material characterization
  • General application research for hyperspectral imaging in both lab and outdoor environments

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This camera is developed by the international R&D hub imec and is based on a patented CMOS-based hyperspectral filter solution, making the camera’s much more compact and user-friendly than conventional push-broom camera’s.

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