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FAQ & Support

Do you have any questions about our technology or cameras? Please consult the frequently asked questions below.

If you're already a customer or partner of imec's hyperspectral imaging activity, feel free to take advantage of our customer support.

Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure if hyperspectral imaging would solve my problem, why do I need a hyperspectral imaging camera?
Do I need many spectral bands to have good results?
What’s the benefit of real-time video imaging?
What software is included with the cameras?
How will I be supported after buying a camera?
What do I need to get started, apart from the camera?
How is the camera delivered?
I don’t have an imaging set-up to use the camera in, what now?
What exactly do you mean with a ‘high-resolution SNAPSCAN camera’?
What's the resolution of a SNAPSHOT camera in relation to the mosaic sensor inside?
How large is the Field Of View?
I need a larger resolution for my application, what now?
Can I change the lens on my camera?
Which lenses can be used on the camera?
Can I use the camera on a microscope?
What is the spectral range of a camera?
How many bands does a camera have?
Can the camera be mounted on my existing measurement set-up?

Customer support

Are you a customer or partner of imec's hyperspectral imaging activity? Click here to visit our support portal.

Visit our support portal to download the latest support documents and materials including:

  • software
  • manuals
  • reports
  • examples
  • personal files