Explore a selection of the application domains in which you can use imec's hyperspectral camera technology to uncover insights, save time, cut costs, ... 

Hyperspectral imaging for agriculture

With hyperspectral cameras, farmers, growers and researchers can uncover a wealth of information. And harvesting that hyperspectral data is easier than ever.

Hyperspectral machine vision cameras

How do you automatically inspect unpredictable processes? Let imec’s real-time hyperspectral cameras keep an eye on your production line.

Medical hyperspectral imaging

As a safe and easy-to-use technology, hyperspectral imaging benefits medical practitioners and researchers. And imec’s cameras and sensors answer the needs of both.

Hyperspectral art and heritage analysis

Peak below the surface of valuable artifacts with imec’s compact and user-friendly hyperspectral cameras.

Hyperspectral remote sensing

A fleet of miniaturized satellites will soon circle our planet. By taking hyperspectral sensing technology on board, they can reveal the secrets hiding beneath its surface.

Hyperspectral cameras for forensics or counterfeit detection

See what was meant to remain hidden with a hyperspectral camera that's compact and fast enough to effortlessly scan a whole crime scene or to detect counterfeiting.

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