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How spectral imaging can advance surgical vision

Surgery has evolved tremendously over the past decades, with minimally invasive surgeries as the preferred option because of faster recovery, shorter hospital stays, and improved patient comfort. This kind of surgery heavily relies on stereoscopic cameras for high-resolution 3D images to replace and mimic the surgeon’s eyes.

But what if we could extend surgeons' vision with new capabilities? What if they could visually distinguish between healthy and cancerous organ tissue? What if they could ‘see’ the oxygenation of blood flowing through arteries and vessels? What if they could ‘see’ biological, functional, and structural information of tissues? This is possible with spectral imaging.

This white paper describes numerous published research results demonstrating the potential of spectral imaging as an intraoperative guidance tool. Next, it highlights the main assets of imec’s spectral imaging technology for intraoperative surgical imaging: advanced miniaturization, integration, and video-rate capabilities.

This document is intended for anyone involved and interested in medical and surgical imaging: manufacturers of multi- and hyperspectral imaging systems for the medical market, integrators involved in the development of surgical tools for minimally invasive surgery, manufacturers of next-generation endoscopes and surgical robots, and – of course – surgeons interested in adopting new technologies.

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