/What is hyperspectral imaging?

What is hyperspectral imaging?

Learn from an imec expert how hyperspectral imaging works and how it opens doors to new business.

What is hyperspectral imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging is a technique to capture the light that is reflected by an object or transmitted through a material, and to reveal a maximum of spectral information from that reflected light.

Because every material has its own spectral fingerprint, hyperspectral imaging can be used to identify objects or material characteristics. And smart algorithms can turn hyperspectral data into valuable information such as the moisture level of soil, the oxygen saturation of tissue or the authenticity of a painting.

SNAPSCAN VNIR range hyperspectral imaging of iron ore minerals

The new business opportunities of hyperspectral imaging

Up till recently, you could only engage in hyperspectral imaging with heavy and expensive pieces of equipment, with large computers to process all the data. Naturally, that limited the application of hyperspectral imaging to specific contexts – mostly heavily funded research labs.

Luckily, times have changed. Thanks to advances in hyperspectral imaging technology, there are now affordable, compact and user-friendly devices that can be integrated into drones, satellites or production lines.

Can you imagine the possibilities for your business? Hyperspectral imaging could be used to feed your application with incomparable information about material composition or color. Thereby allowing you to take better decisions and offer greater value than your competitors.


Hyperspectral imaging explained by an imec expert

Want to know what hyperspectral imaging is? And how it can boost your business? Watch this 7-minute demo. Imec expert Wouter Charle:

  • Explains how hyperspectral imaging works.
  • Details the technology behind imec’s high-resolution and video-rate cameras.
  • Demonstrates how imec’s VNIR and SWIR cameras make high-resolution data cubes.
  • Shows different ways to interact with the data cube.
  • Describes how you can access imec’s technology to enhance your application.

In short, this demo is the perfect starting point for your hyperspectral journey!

Watch now


Wouter Charle

From the imec hyperspectral demo room, this demo is hosted by Wouter Charle, manager for hyperspectral imaging technology, leads the off-the-shelf and evaluation system activities at imec. With his background in physics, software engineering and 3D machine vision, he joined imec in 2014 to help explore the business opportunities of hyperspectral imaging.

Watch the demo

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