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Do you feel acquiring hyperspectral data should require less time and effort? This payload helps you to reduce flight preparation and flight time. It outputs high-quality stitched hyperspectral cubes, making it easier to develop applications in research projects.

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image acquisition


spatial resolution

2 x 2048 x1088 px

spectral resolution

25 bands

spectral range

480 nm - 860 nm

acquisition speed

up to 50 FPS

Combine visible and near-infrared imaging in one compact and light system.

Get live previews and control the cameras during the flight.

Easily set up the system thanks to compatibility with the M600 drone.


  • precision agriculture
  • forestry management
  • security & surveillance
  • predictive maintenance of pipes, roads, solar panels, windmills
  • general hyperspectral imaging R&D ‘out of the lab’ in outdoor environments

spatial resolution

2048 x1088 px with 5.5 µm pixel pitch

spectral resolution

25 bands

spectral range

480 nm - 860 nm

FWHM (full width at half maximum)

10 to 15 nm

acquisition speed

10 FPS for both cameras (50 FPS for both cameras, customized)

dynamic range

8/10 bits


Gremsy T3v3 included

mechanical dimensions (W x H x D)

10.1 x 7 x 9.3 cm


500 g without optics

embedded hardware

Nvidia Jetson GPU, 1 TB local storage


  •  ground control application compatible with DJI Matrice 600 Pro
    • RAW frames acquisition control for local storage at videorate
    • saturation detection
  • after-flight software pipeline (Windows)
    • stitched hyperspectral cube of large field (radiometricly corrected)
    • one large field stiched cube from both sensors
    • geo-tagged information
  • HSI STUDIO software for hypercube visualization and classification


25 mm lenses – F2.0 – C-mount


Application domains

Hyperspectral imaging for agriculture
From visible to SWIR

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