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Make real-time, high-resolution multispectral videos in the color and NIR ranges with this complete and ready-to-use USB 3.0 camera system. An ideal fit for applications such as next-generation 3D imaging, medical diagnosis and surveillance.

This sensor can only be ordered in the frame of a custom project.

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image acquisition


cube acquisition rate

up to 170/second

spectral range


imager resolution

2 Mpx

spatial resolution

2 Mpx

Make multispectral movies of scenes thanks to the real-time imager.

Adapt the camera to your requirements by customizing the NIR band-pass filter.

Facilitate your operations with imec’s included hyperspectral imaging software.

This complete evaluation kit includes, besides the camera, all required accessories, lens recommendations, an optional evaluation setup, acquisition and analysis software, manuals and remote support – from basic help to tailored application support.

The XIMEA SNAPSHOT RGB+NIR is ideal for applications such as:

    • medical imaging using ICG fluorescence
    • human-machine interface for 3D gaming & virtual reality tracking
    • automotive
    • security & surveillance
    • industrial inspection
    • food sorting

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    acquisition mode

    snapshot 2 x 2 mosaic pattern

    wavelength range

    RGB + NIR channels

    number of spectral bands

    4 channels

    spatial resolution

    1024 x 544 px (RAW per band)

    imager type

    CMOS imager, CMOSIS CMV2000-based

    imager resolution

    2 Mpx total

    frame rate

    up to 170 fps (limited by USB 3.0 camera interface)

    pixel pitch

    5.5 μm

    bit depth

    8/10 bits

    camera interface

    USB 3.0

    camera dimensions

    26.4 x 26.4 x 21.6 mm

    camera weight

    : 27 g without fore-optics


    Application domains

    Medical hyperspectral imaging

    As a safe and easy-to-use technology, hyperspectral imaging benefits medical practitioners and researchers. And imec’s cameras and sensors answer the needs of both.

    Hyperspectral machine vision cameras

    How do you automatically inspect unpredictable processes? Let imec’s real-time hyperspectral cameras keep an eye on your production line.

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