/imec SNAPSHOT SWIR 9 bands
Snapshot SWIR

imec SNAPSHOT SWIR 9 bands

Want to test hyperspectral scanning and analysis in the short-wave infrared range? With this user-friendly real-time USB 3.0 camera, you’ll be looking at relevant test data within minutes after the installation.

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image acquisition


spatial resolution

640 x 512 px (VGA)

spectral resolution

9 bands

spectral range

1100-1650 nm

acquisition speed

up to 120 cubes/second

Make artifact-free cubes of moving objects thanks to video-rate acquisition.
Enjoy an easy set-up of a system that includes imager, camera and software.
Discover the broad potential of the SWIR bands to see invisible features.


  • optical sorting in machine vision
  • chemical analysis of material composition
  • food safety and inspection
  • medical & healthcare
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • semiconductor & photovoltaic
  • waste recycling
  • human machine interface
  • minerology & mining
  • precision agriculture
  • security & surveillance

Dual-use export controls apply to this product.

spatial resolution

VGA (640 x 512 px)

spectral resolution

9 bands

spectral range

1100-1650 nm (SWIR)

imager type

InGaAs-based, Cardinal 640 sensor with TEC cooler electronic

acquisition speed

Up to 120 hyperspectral cubes/second (limit of USB 3.0 interface)

pixel pitch

15 μm pixels

bit depth

13 bits


16/25/35/50 mm lenses, F2.8, C-mount

camera interface

USB 3.0 + GPIO + I/O for triggering

software acquisition modes

HDR modes (dual or multi-exposures for best SNR per band channel)

power consumption

2 Watts at 60 FPS

camera dimensions (W x H x D)

65 x 65 x 130 cm

camera weight

260 g without lens


HSI MOSAIC software for raw image acquisition, data pre-processing, hypercube visualization and classification, including API

rejection filter


included accessories

USB 3.0 and power + trigger cables


Application domains

Hyperspectral machine vision cameras

From visible to SWIR

Medical & pharma
Medical hyperspectral imaging

From visible to SWIR

Hyperspectral imaging for agriculture

From visible to SWIR

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