/Photonfocus SNAPSHOT RedNIR
Photonfocus snapshot camera

Photonfocus SNAPSHOT RedNIR

Want to test spectral analysis in the RedNIR range? With this user-friendly real-time GigE camera from Photonfocus, integrating imec’s hyperspectral sensor, you’ll be looking at relevant test data within a few minutes after the installation.

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The camera models are available through Photonfocus.

Make artifact-free cubes of moving objects thanks to video-rate acquisition.
Make hyperspectral images in all environments thanks to the robust design.
Enjoy and easy set-up of a system that includes imager, camera and software.

The Photonfocus SNAPSHOT RedNIR is ideal for applications such as:

  • robotic surgery
  • surgical microscopy
  • global scale monitoring and sensing
  • robotic anomaly detection
  • security & surveillance
  • precision agriculture
  • waste management
  • food inspection
  • process monitoring
  • environment sensing

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spatial resolution

2048 x 1088

spectral resolution

24 bands

spectral range

600 – 850 nm (NIR)

imager type

CMOS imager, CMOSIS CMV2000-based

pixel pitch

5.5 μm pixels, 2/3’’ sensor optical format

bit depth

10 bit


Application domains

Hyperspectral machine vision cameras

From visible to SWIR, and beyond

Medical & pharma
Medical hyperspectral imaging

From visible to SWIR, and beyond

Hyperspectral imaging for agriculture

From visible to SWIR, and beyond

Hyperspectral machine vision cameras

How do you automatically inspect unpredictable processes? Let imec’s real-time hyperspectral cameras keep an eye on your production line.

Medical hyperspectral imaging

As a safe and easy-to-use technology, hyperspectral imaging benefits medical practitioners and researchers. And imec’s cameras and sensors answer the needs of both.

Hyperspectral imaging for agriculture

With hyperspectral cameras, farmers, growers and researchers can uncover a wealth of information. And harvesting that hyperspectral data is easier than ever.

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