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/Snapshot UAV, let your application take flight

Snapshot UAV, let your application take flight

We offer you access to our HSI STUDIO™ software and a reference hypercube taken with imec’s snapshot UAV payload. This hands-on experience is the perfect way to learn how your specific UAV application can benefit from hyperspectral imaging. 

Imec’s snapshot UAV payload stands out by its integrated high-quality hyperspectral imaging cameras and embedded computing platform. It targets applications with drones and provides an end-to-end solution including hyperspectral imaging acquisition HW, in-flight control SW and pre-processing SW.   

Imec developed a new technology platform with multi-sensor & multi-camera-head capabilities. It allows, for example, simultaneous mounting of one VIS and one NIR hyperspectral imaging camera. The solution is supported by a powerful embedded computing platform based on:

  • the Nvidia Jetson GPU
  • integrated storage
  • both wireless and wired controls connectivity via standard drone gimbal interfaces like (but not limited to) the DJI Matrice 600.

This UAV payload system solution is designed to enable end users to acquire video-rate application data in real time from drone-based systems –  including processing and down-streaming. The system is extremely user-friendly. It allows agricultural researchers to only focus on the application, not on the raw images, the stitching process etc.

Download the software and a reference UAV Hypercube