/imec MULTISHOT RGB & VNIR spectral camera
Snapshot hyperspectral triple sensor

imec MULTISHOT RGB & VNIR spectral camera

Would you like to test a spectral video-rate camera in RGB, visible and near-infrared range? With this flexible system combining different image sensors, you’ll be able to acquire real-time spectral data in complex and dynamic environments.

image acquisition


spatial resolution (spectral channels)

2048 x 1088

spatial resolution (RGB channel)

2448 x 2048

spectral range (VIS & NIR)

30 bands in 460 – 860 nm

spectral range (RGB)

3 bands

cube acquisition speed

18 fps


  • robotic surgery
  • microscopic surgery
  • oxygen saturation
  • endoscopy
  • environmental monitoring
  • security & surveillance
  • mining & mineralogy
  • forensics
  • sorting & recycling
  • quality inspection
  • food inspection

spatial resolution

2048 x 1088 (spectral channels)
2448 x 2048 (RGB channels)

spectral resolution

30 bands in 460 – 860 nm (VIS & NIR)
3 bands (RGB)

spectral range

RGB & VNIR (460 – 860 nm)

imager type

AMS CMV2000 CMOS (spectral channels)
Sony IMX250 CMOS (RGB)

acquisition speed

18 fps (all sensors enabled)

pixel pitch

5.5 μm (spectral channels)
3.45 μm (RGB)

bit depth

10 bit (spectral channels)
12 bit (RGB)

camera interface

micro USB 3.0 + HW trigger in/out connector

power consumption

8.5 Watt

camera dimensions (W x H x D)

12 x 12 x 15 cm

camera weight

2.22 kg (without optics)

software accessories

  • HSI Mosaic software for raw image acquisition, data pre-processing, multispectral cube visualization and classification
  • USB 3.0 & power supply cables


Application domains

Medical hyperspectral imaging

As a safe and easy-to-use technology, hyperspectral imaging benefits medical practitioners and researchers. And imec’s cameras and sensors answer the needs of both.

Hyperspectral machine vision cameras

How do you automatically inspect unpredictable processes? Let imec’s real-time hyperspectral cameras keep an eye on your production line

Hyperspectral cameras for forensics or counterfeit detection

See what was meant to remain hidden with a hyperspectral camera that's compact and fast enough to effortlessly scan a whole crime scene or to detect counterfeiting.

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