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/Read our white paper on hyperspectral cameras for precision agriculture

Read our white paper on hyperspectral cameras for precision agriculture

Do you know the immense power of hyperspectral imaging? This technology works as an extra pair of eyes that can ‘see’ the composition of any object. For agriculture, this would mean you can identify:

  • Plant diseases, even in a very early stage
  • Growth stages of plants
  • Ripeness of fruits
  • Water content of vegetation
  • Nutrient composition of soil
  • ...

For long, this unique technology was unavailable for practical use. Hyperspectral cameras were large and expensive lab tools, attached to high-end computers.

Imec developed a patented technology to turn hyperspectral cameras into compact and versatile tools that can be integrated in handheld devices, ground vehicles (such as tractors) or drones.

Learn more about the possibilities of imec’s on-chip hyperspectral filters, high-resolution scanning cameras and real-time video cameras in this white paper. And get inspired on how to innovate your precision-agriculture research, services, and equipment.

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