03 - 07 April 2022 | Orlando, FL, USA

We will be present with booth 931 at the conference with new developments in on-chip spectral imaging, quantum dots, and high-NIR-sensitive SPADs. Join us for a live demonstration of a real-time or high-resolution hyperspectral camera. Want to get in contact with us, please fill out the form to meet with us at SPIE DCS.

Imec talks

New developments for on-chip spectral imaging and video from VIS to SWIR (Wouter Charle)

6 April 2022 • 3:15 PM - 3:45 PM EDT

Hyperspectral cameras used to be complex and expensive pieces of equipment, mainly for use in the lab, and requiring large computers to process the data. Today’s technological innovations transform these complex giants into easy-to-use and compact devices, enabling also video rate spectral imaging and entirely new application areas. The most integrated, miniaturized and scalable solution today is provided by imec’s on-chip spectral-filter technology. In this talk, we will zoom in on imec’s spectral imaging technology and its most recent innovations in visual, near-infrared and short-wave-infrared technology. We will take a look into the future of hyperspectral imaging and elaborate on how this can enable innovations in applications and research. You will learn how you can access the latest spectral imaging technology and what opportunities this provides for your business.

Compact high-speed snapshot hyperspectral imager in the SWIR range (1.1-1.65 nm) and its potential in sorting/recycling industry (Carolina Blanch)

5 April 2022 • 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM EDT

We will present a snapshot hyperspectral imager, based on a 3x3/4x4 mosaic pattern, covering the SWIR range (1100-1650 nm). This compact camera offers a spatial resolution of 640x512 pixels with high acquisition speed of 120 cubes per second, making it suitable for conveyor belt inspection. The SWIR hyperspectral range offers high potential for the sorting and recycling industry. This presentation showcases three plastic/textile/paper sorting examples that achieve high classification accuracy in material identification.

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