January 20, 2021 | Online

No magic - just Hyperspectral Imaging.

The white rabbit is back. So take the plunge and enter into the FASCINATING world of hyperspectral imaging. Join us on this adventure and discover the magic of hyperspectral imaging.

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Applications for Video and High-Resolution Hyperspectral Imaging + live demonstration

15h00 CET 

In the past, hyperspectral cameras were complex and expensive pieces of equipment, mainly for use in the lab, and they required large computers to process the data. Today, there are solutions that transform these complex giants into user-friendly and compact devices. The most integrated and miniaturized solution today is provided by imec’s on-chip spectral-filter technology. In this web pitch, given from our demo studio, we will zoom in on imec’s video rate hyperspectral snapshot imaging technology and the novel applications it enables. We will demonstrate in real life the unique capabilities of hyperspectral imaging and elaborate on how this is applied to innovate businesses, applications, and research. You will learn about our advanced imaging software and comprehensive support tools that come with our off-the-shelf camera systems.

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