/Agrifood webinar with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) – DutchPhotonicsEvent

Agrifood webinar with Wageningen University & Research (WUR) – DutchPhotonicsEvent

December 8, 2020 | Online

December 8th 15-17h.


Hyperspectral cameras: ‘new eyes’ for precision agriculture and the food industry

A hyperspectral camera captures the light that is reflected by an object such as a leaf, a piece of fruit, or a field. It divides this light into narrow spectral bands, generating a ‘spectral fingerprint’. This in turn can be translated into information about the object that is not visible with the naked eye: its water content, the presence of diseases, etc.

Hyperspectral cameras have evolved tremendously, from enormous lab equipment to compact and user-friendly tools. Imec, as an expert in this field, has contributed to this evolution:

  • a very compact form factor thanks to a patented on-chip filter approach
  • snapshot image capturing enabling hyperspectral video cameras
  • a sensitivity to a broad range of spectral bands, from the visible to the infrared

In this presentation, imec will present its video-rate snapshot cameras and will highlight its importance for the food industry and for precision agriculture. From the imec demo studio, several cameras will be demonstrated, a.o. the new snapshot SWIR camera (sensitive to  shortwave infrared light) and a drone-compatible system, providing an end-to-end solution from in-flight data acquisition to data post-processing.

More info: www.imechyperspectral.com and www.imechyperspectral.com/agriwhitepaper

Wouter Charle

Wouter Charle is manager for hyperspectral imaging technology at imec, leading the off-the-shelf and evaluation system activities. He has a background in physics and software engineering. After starting his career in 3D machine vision, he joined imec in 2014 to help grow the hyperspectral imaging business.